In the last few years of the 19th Century one of the mythical builders of the Suez Canal came back to the amenities of the lake where he had started his journey. He was under the guidance of Mr Dellesseps and soon after their arrival he decided to build the villa of his dreams.

He chose the most moving location to create his personal villa, one where no one could ever ruin his view, and he built it to be as close to Paradise as he could imagine. Another man was to consider the place as his own Heaven: his name was Ercole Venegoni, an industrialist from Milan. In 1908 he was looking for a house for his family's holidays when he saw the villa and he immediately fell in love with it. He bought it and spent his whole life taking care of the place. So did the generations who came after him: my grandparents, my parents, my uncle and me: Ercole Venegoni was my grandfather. Hence my choice of sharing this corner of Paradise with my guests, for I wish to give them a chance to fall in love the same way.